Before starting the construction of an architectural object, it is necessary to solve the issue with the permits for the implementation of the plan, check the possibility of building the selected location, make a plan, form a timeline and make an estimated cost. All these issues contain an architectural and urban planning concept. Thanks to it that the functional, technical, aesthetic component of the future construction object is determined.

LLC Tikkanen has the necessary experience and knowledge for rapid and effective delivery of services concerning the entire scope of work. We do:

  • the formation of a package of documents, which includes technical and economic indicators, the estimated layout of buildings on the land, sketches, layouts, sections of buildings, floor plans and so on, we use 3D modeling;
  • coordination of the developed concept with regulatory organizations, which will subsequently give permission to plan the development of the territory.


We can develop concepts from scratch or do all the necessary work for one part. Also, if necessary, we offer several options for projects and assessment of the cost of the object. We consider:

  • Master plan of the city;
  • the legal status of the land under consideration;
  • rules of land use and its building;
  • security, restrictive zones, objects that are protected by Law.

The work is based on the availability of such documents and permits:

  • technical task compiled by Customer;
  • package of documentation that establishes the right to use the site;
  • area planning project;
  • urban development plan.

Within the framework of the work, additional parameters are fully worked out: infrastructure, engineering, transport support. These factors subsequently play an important role in the direct implementation of the project.

Tikkanen is a well-coordinated team that ensures the speed and quality of implementation of the architectural and urban planning concept.