Jukka Tikkanen
a talented architect and an effective leader

Finnish architect Jukka Tikkanen is known all over the world. Following his dream, he created a powerful, successful and dynamically developing group of companies. The team of the best designers of Russia and Finland is working together on the development of new architectural projects.

Jukka Tikkanen
Jukka Tikkanen
Main architect
Chairman of the Board of Directors

The group of companies «TIKKANEN»

Russian architectural company that uses Finnish experience of housing construction and the best architectural solutions in the process of Main design of construction projects. The company's activities are based on the concept of Jukka Tikkanen, which offers a new approach to urban development, taking into account the modern development of the industry and the rich heritage of Russian urban planning. The projects of Tikkanen, LLC is an original architectural object that stands out from competitors visual appeal, innovative design approach in the design of facades and efficient planning solutions.

The leading architectural bureau of Finland specializing in modern design of multi-storey residential buildings, as well as drawing up town planning documentation.

In Russia, the Architectural Bureau of Yukka Tikkanen began its activities in 2004, quickly gaining an impeccable reputation and a large client base. This was facilitated by the Finnish quality, in accordance with which the company's staff works; fast paced design; ensuring a high return on investment of the Customer and the consumer appeal of real estate objects, which favorably distinguishes them from the projects of competitors.

In 2018, Tikkanen, LLC made a deal to acquire OOO Ficote Engineering, a large Russian-Finnish design organization with 13 years of experience. Ficote Engineering specializes in the design of multi-storey residential buildings, industrial facilities, trading floors, new and reconstructed facilities. Specialists of the company carry out projects from a monolith, a metalwork, and also precast concrete on the European technologies in BIM software complexes. Employees of the organization are trained in Finland, adopting the experience and knowledge of the best European architects and engineers.

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